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Scaffolding for sale

Regardless of which scaffolding you are looking for, we offer you a wide range of scaffolding and components out of aluminium and steel. Due to our high safety standard, we primarily offer you the stable goods of German manufacturers like Layher, PERI, Plettac, Hunnebeck and RUX.

Hünnebeck Bosta used Frame Scaffolding 2015m²

Manufacturer:HuennebeckQuantity:2015 sq m
Article number:GE1884Weight:24370 kg
Price: 33,648.00 €Further information »

Layher 950m² steel Frame Scaffolding used

Manufacturer:LayherQuantity:950 sq m
Article number:GE1883Weight:10872 kg
Price: 20,956.00 €Further information »

Layher used scaffolding 950m² with (New Aluminium Frames)

Manufacturer:LayherQuantity:950 sq m
Article number:GE1882Weight:9760 kg
Price: 22,222.00 €Further information »

Aluminum Layher Used Scaffolding190m² with (New Aluminium Frames)

Manufacturer:LayherQuantity:190 sq m
Article number:GE1881Weight:1952 kg
Price: 4,692.00 €Further information »

Layher frame scaffolding Double End-Guard Rail Used

Manufacturer:LayherQuantity:1 pieces
Article number:GE1877Weight:4,40 kg
Price: 14.00 €Further information »

Scaffolding Huennebeck Used – 180 sq m

Manufacturer:HuennebeckQuantity:180 sq m
Article number:EN1673Weight:1 922 kg
Price: 3,301.00 €Further information »
Scaffolding Package Plettac SL

Facade Scaffolding Plettac with Aluminum Decks – 1000 sq m

Manufacturer:PlettacQuantity:1000 sq m
Article number:EN1657Weight:8 230 kg
Price: 25,260.00 €Further information »
Layher allround modular scaffolding - used

Layher Allround Scaffolding Used – 1503 sq m

Manufacturer:LayherQuantity:1503 sq m
Article number:GE1767Weight:18 902 kg
Price: 31,650.00 €Further information »

Painting Scaffold Layher SpeedyScaff Used – 500 sq m

Manufacturer:LayherQuantity:500 sq m
Article number:EN1678Weight:6 858 kg
Price: 9,999.00 €Further information »

Used Facade Scaffolding Rux Super with New Wooden Plank – 1020 sq m

Manufacturer:RuxQuantity:1020 sq m
Article number:EN1682Weight:11 468 kg
Price: 22,170.00 €Further information »

Formwork for sale

We are focussing on quality and deliver used formwork and additional equipment for your professional requirements to your building site. These are especially the established German manufactures like DOKA, PERI, Harsco, Hunnebeck and Meva. As well as the compatible formwork systems.

Doka Framax Formwork Used (approximately 202 m²)

Manufacturer:DOKAQuantity:202 sq m
Article number:GE1880Weight:14000 kg
Price: 28,380.00 €Further information »

DOKA Framax – Used Wall Formwork 6000m²

Manufacturer:DOKAQuantity:6000 sq m
Article number:GE1878Weight:397178 kg
Price: 1,132,900.00 €Further information »
scaffolding and formwork for sale

PERI TRIO Formwork Used

Manufacturer:PERIQuantity:– sq m
Article number:GE1839Weight:– kg
Price: 245,700.00 €Further information »

Doka Framax Wall Formwork Used – 5672 sq m

Manufacturer:DOKAQuantity:5 672 sq m
Article number:GE1782Weight:397 000 kg
Price: On requestFurther information »

used MANTO 300 formwork 1033 sqm

Manufacturer:HARSCO, HuennebeckQuantity:1033 sq m
Article number:GE1779Weight:57000 kg
Price: 60,000.00 €Further information »

Used Scaffolding and used formwork for sale!

Should your desired scaffolding or required formwork are not available? Cetrac GmbH is specialised in trading with scaffolding and formwork. Do not hesitate to contact us for your request. We will be pleased to make you an individual offer.

Shipping worldwide

Likewise, we will answer your requests for transport costs to your destination. Give us the postal code of the destination and the quantity of the goods which shall be delivered – we will make a research and get back to you as soon as possible.